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 Lance, the Hired Hand

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PostSubject: Lance, the Hired Hand   Lance, the Hired Hand Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 6:05 pm

First/Last Name: Lance Viran

Gender: Male

Age: 26, has the knowledge of an elder

Race: Zora

Job/Profession: Royal Guard, Lance protects whoever is needed, King Zora, Princess Ruto, King of Hyrule, anybody who needs it, he is basically a hired body-guard/assasin.

Looks: Has blue skin and dark, dark piercing red eyes. He was born with a strange birthmark on his right arm blade that looks alot like a triforce symbol, yet there are only three with that mark, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. He has short, blond hair which is unusual for a Zora, and a long, mermaid-like tail, even though he has legs as well.

Clothing: None, sometimes a bandana on his face if he is hired by a villan. When hired by a villan, he also wears a du-rag to keep his hair back. He is the only Zora with hair, so if they were to find out he had hair, they'd know it was Lance.

Personality: He remains absolutely loyal to the person of which hired him until his job is done. If he was hired to protect one man, and then was hired by another person to get rid of the previous client, he would strike without hesitation. There was one time however that he refused to kill a previous client for he had worked with him for 10 years and was absolutely loyal him. He fights with divine movements and techniques to throw off his opponent. He doesn't talk much unless it is a very important matter. He remains absolutely silent about previous clients and their jobs for him.

Biography: When Lance was born, his parents noticed the strange marking on his right arm blade. They took him to the Castle of Hyrule to have them investigate. The current king of Hyrule said it was just an oddly shaped birthmark, but the parents still beleive otherwise. Lance grew up in the Zora's Domain. He was always teased at for his hair and birthmark and his anger got the best of him. He grew up to be a hired hand in the land of Hyrule, traveling from place to place. Everybody knows Lance...well...everybody who needs protection. Lance always hears looking for someone to help from their asking. He is paid less than any other service, but he is chosen more than any other because of the price. He always finishes his job, no matter what, no regrets.

Weapon of Choice: Bladed Arms, Spears

Starting Place:

~Zora's Domain~
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Lance, the Hired Hand
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