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PostSubject: Race Guide   Race Guide Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 10:23 am

Race Guide AnearlysketchofLinksnewlookinTwilig
Hylians are an elf-like race of people who first established an ordered civilization in Hyrule. The Hylians' long, sculpted ears enable them to hear special messages. As the chosen people, they are also given unique psychic and magical abilities from the magic that was fused into their blood.

Pros/cons: There's no pros or cons to both this race.

Race Guide Zorarefsheet
When the Goddesses created Hyrule, they blessed Zora's Fountain and eventually the fish which swam in its water evolved into the Zoras we know today. They are humanoid in form, but the Zoras can survive both underwater and on land. Led by their King/Queen, the Zoras are peaceful creatures who enjoy music and sports.

Pro: Fins can be used as boomerangs,shield and hard blades, natural fighters, also they can breath underwater.
Con: Vunerable to fire. Fire does a large amount of damage to a Zora. They can't stay away from water that long.

Race Guide Goronrefsheet
Generally, the Gorons are a peaceful race who enjoy relaxation. They spend their time mining rocks, which serve as their primary source of food. Gorons can travel very quickly by rolling themselves into balls, but they prefer to sit around a fire and dance and sing. Gorons have cultivated structured civilizations in Hyrule as well as Termina.

Pro: Can do a roll-attack, can roll without damaging himself to pick up speed.
Con: Very big, can't jump high and can't run. They also cant swim.

Race Guide Sheikah
The Sheikah were an ancient clan of ninja-like warriors that swore to protect the Hylian Royal Family, and were often referred to as the "shadows" of the Hylians. Sheikah were incredibly agile and had magical prowess similar to Hylians. hey are known by their red eyes, and live scattered through Hyrule.

Pro: Good fighters and sneak without being heard.
Con: Has to meditate for at least an hour a day.

Race Guide Gerudo
The Gerudo warriors are primarily made up of beautiful women highly trained in the art of war. The only man ever allowed into their ranks was Ganondorf, who permanently soured the Gerudo's opinion of men. In Hyrule, the Gerudo make their home in the desert. In Termina, the reclusive race lives near the water.

Note: There are to be NO male Gerudo, we will not make any exception on this rule.

Pro: Strong, can walk freely through Gerudo fortress. Are naturally resistant to heat and lack of water.
Con: Due to the outfit, slow.
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Race Guide
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