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 Legend Hart

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Legend Hart
Legend Hart

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PostSubject: Legend Hart   Legend Hart Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 5:27 pm

First/Last Name: Legend Hart

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Sheikah

Job/Profession: Thief/Ninja

Looks: Legend is slightly tall standing at 5.11. His long blond hair reaches down to his shoulders. His hair seems to have a natural mixture of blond and a few strands of black. Legend often ties his hair back into a pony-tail due to it always falling in front of his face while his Ďworkingí. Legends eyes are a bloody crimson, which people often say are enough to imitate the bravest of foes. Legend is often in the shadows and acts nocturnal. As a result of this his skin is slightly pale but not very noticeable unless he stands next to someone that is more regularly in the sun. Legend is not very physically strong, he mostly trains his legs. He works his abs and legs constantly as his working to remain in good shape. Legend isnít weak; he does have some muscle there but not enough to brag about. When he wears his hood up his blond hair would cover up his entire left side of his face only revealing the other right hand side.

Clothing: Legend almost always wears a tight fitting crimson and black Sheikah suit. Half of his suit is crimson red while the other half is midnight black. Legend also has the Eye of Truth on the chest area of the suit. His Sheikah suit is resistant to the elements and is thankfully tear-proof. Along his forearms and chest under the symbol are tight white bandages. Under his clothing are thin padding that help with full movement and extra protection. His black hood covers up his face and head only revealing his crimson eyes.

Personality: If anyone lives to talk to Legend they would notice that he is a very smart man. Despite his life of crime he always seems to keep a cool calm head at all times only getting angered when one of his heists go wrong in which he will sit down for hours calculating what exactly gone wrong and how to fix it for next time. Again if anyone manages to have a real conversation with him they would also notice his manners that seem to resemble one that was born in royalty. At other times Legend would seem heartless and unforgiving but thatís just the image he creates. He often over thinks things to much and leaves out the little details.

Biography: Legend was born in the life of crime. Despite this Legend seemingly tries to break the law as little as possible. He was born in Kakariko village like the rest of his Clan, Clan Hart. Legend would often with his father train in swordsmanship. He seemingly was a natural in fighting with small weapons so his father started teaching him in that. As a thief and ninja of the Hart Clan, Legend along with his swordsmanship skills had to train his athletics and acrobatics. As a result of those many hours on end he can skillfully jump across buildings effortlessly. During the days he would be training in the hot sun, and during the evenings he would be in the library studying on history. Legendís marksmanship training consisted of the throwing of shurikens and duku nuts perfectly and skillfully. All of this was when he was around the age of 12. Legend was taught to only steal from the rich and nobility and when possible give back to the poor. As a result and ironically he seems to have a silent but deadly grudge against rich folk. Itís ironic considering his Clan was quite rich themselves, but they gave back to the poor when they needed it so that might be a reason to his thoughts and beliefs. At the age of 15 Legend was off into the world doing what he does best, which is normally something illegal. For the next two years Legend was on many crazy adventures. He almost drowned in Lake Hylia when Legend thought he could make the jump across the cliff. But he was wrong and was swept up in the strong currents. Luckily a nearby Zora dived in and saved him. Ever sense Legend seems to hate water period. Another time Legend was trudging though the Desert Province and in a matter of seconds he was disarmed knocked out and thrown into prison by the Gerudo by a series of countless tries and being thrown back into jail with a few lumps on the head Legend escaped and made a vow NEVER to return to those women, they are just crazy. Now at the age of 17 Legend is currently in Hyrule Castle Town staging his next big heist, against the royalty of Hyrule Castle. His target Princess Zelda the something. Legend never did know how many zelda's there where around five or six he thinks but is not sure or just doesnt care that too.

Weapon of Choice: Legend uses a set of twin daggers that are carved at the end. They are both jet-black and are made from obsidian metal. Both daggers are carved and have many ancient symbols along with his name Legend Hart inscribed near the handle in Ancient Hylian. They both seem to give off a slight dark aura, when legend asked a local smith about it the only thing he could tell Legend that his magic must have been fused into the daggers. Itís not necessary a bad think but it seems to drain Legend mentally after every release of magic. Legend received these blades from his father, like Legend his father was also a Thief and a Criminal Mastermind at that.

Starting Place: Hyrule Castle Town.
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Legend Hart
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